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Governor Newsom — Lead on Medicare for All!

Healthy California Now is a statewide coalition of organizations and activists dedicated to establishing a single-payer, Medicare For All system in California. The question of single-payer is not “why” but when, and...

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Heal CA Podcast: America’s Avoidable Tragedy?

Is healthcare inequality more evident to America’s mayors than to federal representatives? How differently might the pandemic have played out if Medicare for All had already been in place? Did the link between employment and...

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Heal CA Podcast: The Health Equity X-Factor?

Will “a little bit of this and a little bit of that” solve America’s healthcare problems? Is COVID-19 a game-changer in the fight for single-payer? In this first episode of a podcast series with host Brenda Gazzar, Michael...

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Heal CA Podcast: How to Win Medicare for All

What’s holding the U.S. back from Medicare for All? (Hint: It’s not just Trump.) What about California? In this second episode in a podcast series with host Brenda Gazzar, Michael Lighty, founding fellow of the Sanders Institute...

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HCN Statement on Racial Justice and Police Brutality