Why Take Action for a Healthy California?

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Covers Everybody

Each of us gets the healthcare we need through a just, equitable healthcare system that guarantees healthcare for every California resident as a fundamental human right, not just as a privilege.

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Healthy California covers ALL medically necessary care, including medical, vision, dental, hearing, and reproductive. One comprehensive plan, freedom of provider choice, no more networks.

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Reduces Costs

Healthy California pays for all covered services, giving it the power to eliminate waste and contain costs. No more co-pays, deductibles, or premiums! California saves $37 billion/year off current healthcare costs!

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Our Healthcare

Healthy California is accountable only to the public. Doctors and nurses, not insurance companies, work with you to decide your care. This ensures that private profit never comes before public health.

The Healthy California campaign represents millions of Californians committed to guaranteeing quality, affordable healthcare for the residents of our state. Our goal is to win improved

Medicare for All in California.

With the federal government again doing healthcare reform, moving more responsibility for healthcare to the states, it is imperative that California establish a better, truly universal system, which finally gets costs under control. California can set the standard for the country by implementing a just and equitable healthcare system — Healthy California!

Become part of our action team! Connect with local and state actions, outreach to legislators, join town halls and educate the community about the Healthy California campaign. Help build a movement to make healthcare a right in the Golden State!

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The history of the fight for single-payer health care for the elderly and poor should inform today’s movement to win Medicare For All.