This week we all were stunned to see the leaked Supreme Court draft decision that is poised to overturn the right to safe abortions completely. As a movement committed to healthcare justice for all, abortion and reproductive health care has always been an important part of our work, and we have the support of the 8 in 10 Americans who support a legal right to abortion.

Poor and communities of color are always hardest hit when it comes to lack of access and harmful outcomes when it comes to healthcare. That’s the case when it comes to abortion care. 60% of women seeking abortions already have children, nearly 50% are also at or below the poverty line, and 77% are between 20 and 34 years old — hitting young women just getting on their feet, an education, or careers off the ground. The fight for abortion is linked to our fight for healthcare justice.

Healthy California Now wants to be very clear. We stand with every person who should have the right to choose abortion. We stand with those too often left behind in our healthcare and economic system. And we stand with the Future of Abortion Council, Governor Newsom, and legislative leaders working to ensure California is a haven for women in other states without any other options. This is critical work until we win our fight to guarantee healthcare for all. We know California must and will lead the way on healthcare justice for ALL.


Team HCN