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Governor Newsom’s Healthy California for All Commission found that over ten years, publicly funded guaranteed health care could save Californians $500 billion and more than 40,000 lives. This calculator provides estimates of the savings you could receive if we enact Improved Medicare for All (or single payer), a program to cover all medically necessary care with no premiums, co-payments, or deductibles.

Please answer the following questions. If you don’t have the exact figures, reasonable estimates are okay. Your answers are anonymous.

Default for single is $200 and family is $500.
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If you and your spouse file jointly for income taxes, include premium payments, out-of-pocket costs, and annual income for both of you.
Enter Medicare Part B (doctor) & Part D (drug) premiums paid directly or deducted from your Social Security, plus any premiums for Medigap supplemental plans, Medicare health plans (Medicare Advantage), dental insurance, etc. Default is $225 for one person.
Default for single is $550 and family is $1,400.
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Include premiums paid by current employers. Leave out retirement plan contributions to premiums. Default is $0.
Default for single is $2,000 and family is $4,000.
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Enter all payments for doctors, emergency and hospital care, drugs, dental, vision, and hearing. Include deductibles, co-payments, and uncovered services. Estimates are fine. Default is $2,250 for one person.
Default is the California average of $60,000.
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Default is the California average for seniors of $24,000 for one person.
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Calculations are based on data from the proceedings of Governor Newsom’s Healthy California for All Commission. Default values are estimated using data from the Kaiser Family Foundation.
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