Our Report says California Saves $223 Billion with Single Payer


Healthy California Now is a statewide coalition of organizations and activists dedicated to establishing a single-payer, Medicare For All system in California.

We just released a report detailing the economic and policy considerations in designing a single payer system in California. The release of this report is timely coming on the day of the June 25th Healthy California for All Commission meeting that will continue to examine financing options. Authored by Ian Lewis, research director at NUHW, the report reaches conclusions similar to those presented in the Commission’s analysis released May 26th showing the substantial savings exclusively generated by single payer financing, and provides deeper dive into these issues that will be immensely helpful to advocates.

The report supports our diverse coalition’s goal to eliminate all barriers to care and liberate California from the greed of the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. We are appealing to Governor Newsom’s leadership and campaign promise for single-payer, while addressing the urgency and devastation of the COVID pandemic, and seizing upon the unique opportunities within the new presidential administration. The need has never been more clear and more achievable for a comprehensive and guaranteed healthcare system that puts an end to increasing costs, limited provider choices, soaring drug prices, surprise bills, and health plans that charge more and cover less. Please join us!

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